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Asset-based Forwarder UWL Coordinates Customs Brokerage Services with Great Lakes Vessel Husbandry Business of World Shipping, Inc.

Press Release

CLEVELAND, OH (November 2, 2016) – UWL, LLC, an asset-based global forwarder, continues to quickly accelerate their growing portfolio since coordinating their customs brokerage services with parent company, World Shipping, Inc. A customs house broker (CHB), is a critical service provided by logistics companies to ensure that import cargo is correctly cleared with US customs. They are licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department after passing a rigorous written examination and an extensive background investigation.

“We are no longer just clearing traditional containerized imports and airfreight, but are now clearing the international bulk vessels coming into the Great Lakes today,” states Shannon Dillinger, licensed CHB at UWL. Dillinger, who offers 18 years of experience, utilizes her quality team of logistics professionals to remain competitive. “Where a traditional container vessel would require thousands of clearances, a single bulk vessel may only require a few or sometimes just one, if all the cargo is on one Bill of Lading. The main difference, however, is that you have to be on call 24 x 7 for these types of clearances and the vessels are not arriving in exact schedules like the liner vessels. This type of service takes on a whole new level for our brokerage team, as we now have to be a 24 x 7 operation.”

It is no surprise to observers that UWL would expand their comprehensive services, as World Shipping, Inc. has been in the vessel agency business for over 55 years and handles both saltwater and laker vessels in the Great Lakes. Jackie Csiszar, World Shipping’s Director-Vessel Operations, told us, “Today, we are the largest vessel agency in the U.S. and Great Lakes, with recent expansion into Lake Ontario, Canada. This new service allows the World Shipping Group of companies to expand our services to the customer. Our big advantage is that we work seamlessly internally, as we know the exact movement, berthing of the vessels and our customs brokerage team is just down the hall from my team, so we all work in unison.”

World Shipping has continued to grow significantly in 2016 and has added many jobs locally at their corporate headquarters. Today, they are now the largest logistics company in the Cleveland area.

Customs House Brokerage business inquiries may be directed to Shannon Dillinger at or 440.895.8212.

About UWL

UWL is a full service, asset-based global 3PL. We are fully licensed and bonded to provide freight forwarding, customs house brokerage, ocean freight (FCL, LCL), bulk liquid logistics, supply chain visibility, vessel chartering services and project cargo and airfreight internationally. We also provide road and rail freight, overweight cargo solutions, domestic truck brokerage (FTL/LTL), warehousing and distribution using our network of 20 warehouses strategically located across the U.S. We use technology to tie these services together to provide worldwide, integrated solutions. UWL is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with additional management offices across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America.

UWL is a subsidiary of World Shipping Inc., an industry leader since 1960 with over 55 years of market experience dedicated to providing innovative cargo transportation and freight services while delivering the highest level of customer service available in the industry. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, The World Group of Companies include World Shipping, Inc., ContainerPort Group, UWL, World Distribution Services and Newport Tank Containers. The World Group provides seamless end-to-end solutions with maximum control of the supply chain.

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Creating Efficiency – All the Way Through to the Last Mile

Guest Author: Jackie Csiszar, Director Business Development, World Shipping, Inc.

For those of us who work in – and with – the intermodal industry, one thing is clear. Often, the most challenging – and expensive – parts of the process are the first and last miles. I often hear from customers who, prior to working with my team and I at World Shipping, Inc., have experienced gaps in efficiency across the supply chain that cause them deep delays and balloon costs. The World Group difference has always been to innovate on behalf of our customers – connecting modes and expanding the services that count.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak about this topic at the 10th Annual Ohio Conference on Freight, held on August 22-24 at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown. The session I was a part of (called “Multi-Modal and the Last Mile” with fellow colleagues Bill Eisele of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Gregg Thauvette of the The Great Lakes Towing Company) explored the ways that our companies and organizations have worked to enhance performance and create connectivity from start to finish.

Ohio Conference on Freight - World Shipping, Inc.

It was an honor to share our experience as a leader in finding solutions for moving cargo throughout all modes of transportation – domestically and worldwide. Since 1960, when the St. Lawrence Seaway opened and our founder Jack Hunger recognized the need for vessel operations, we quickly grew into the leading vessel husbandry company in the Great Lakes. Today, we continue to understand the importance of that “first mile” as we service a wide array of customers – a testament to early innovation and a dedication to superior customer service.

We have built strong partnerships with our customers, each of the ports on the Great Lakes that we service (this year, adding all Lake Ontario Ports to our network), U.S. and Canadian Government Officials, along with many vendors who service these vessels. These types of relationships combine with our extensive track record in this region to allow us to be the premier partner to anyone moving freight – or thinking about doing so – in the region. This directly translates to our ability to help customers save money while conducting “last mile” transactions in the Great Lakes

Finally, I had a chance to showcase one of World Shipping’s newest examples of innovating to stay a step ahead of customer requests: The WDS Container Transload Facility (CTF). This one-of-a-kind logistics hub located in Columbus, Ohio perfectly brings together all services to support the process through the “last mile.”

It was a pleasure to be invited to share our story at the 10th Annual Ohio Conference on Freight. I look forward to more opportunities to come!

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Building Enthusiasm with the Next Generation of Shipping Executives

The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences recently invited Jackie Csiszar, Director Business Development, World Shipping, Inc. to speak at their quarterly Dinner & Discussion series in Columbus. As a logistics veteran that has spent the last 19 years leading Business Development for World Shipping, Jackie is passionate about speaking with students about the scope of opportunity within the industry. She was particularly interested in showcasing the type of careers available and giving insight into what makes this business exciting.

Many people – upon hearing ‘logistics’ – think the implications of what we do starts and stops with transportation. While that is certainly a part of it, there are many different aspects to this industry. What we do goes beyond loading cargo into containers – it’s about the global economy and how we drive business around the world.

In addition to giving students a sense of the logistics landscape, Jackie enjoyed the format of the series being conversational in nature. This allowed her to connect with the students in a two-way dialogue, giving them the chance to ask engaging questions.

Jackie was very impressed with the students she met with; they were extremely bright and curious. Being involved with education opportunities such as these, fuels Jackie’s passion and appreciation for this industry. She is committed to helping develop those entering the field and looks forward to continuing the partnership between The Ohio State University and World Shipping for years to come!